Monday, August 16, 2010

That was My First Time on a Duet!

Beyond the Alcohol?

That was my first time in a duet! And it gives me the chill knowing that it was with the woman with a voice beyond mediocrity. Well, for me, the duet must have been one of the most remarkable experiences during that night (because it’s in the intro).

Also, we sang at Wills for two-hours-and-a-half. That was the first time I see them do their moves – dancing, singing, and everything. And that was the first time for Pokotski and Liza.

Anyways, that was a chilling-drink-all-you-can-pay night out with my newly added friends namely: Pokotski, Nadz, and Liza (sharry and HanaDox wasn't around). Although only Nadz has the guts to kill a number of neurons, we enjoyed the night, talking – sharing each other’s thoughts and ideas regarding anything that puffs into our mind.

The beer was the villain behind the removal of our mask. Since it’s a newly found circle, all of us have our private self to keep. But then, all of us have something in our minds: to table all of our reservations, perception about self, and how we see each other. However, I miss the most beneficial part on my end – to ask them about the negative things they have noticed about my personality.

Telling your friends about you and your story is like writing a journal; it allows you to lay down your cards; it allows you to be in touch with yourself since you know that you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of; and it’s like squeezing a sponge to release all the “negative energy.”

BTW, it was therapeutic for all of us. A mutual conversation that allows us to speak whatever we want. As an end product, we were able to know and understand each other. We were able to be aware of our self.

To cut the story short, after the hugs while saying our goodbyes; I end up being drank. And I think that everything was enough to call it a night!

(Set the next schedule guys! Hannah and Sharry – they must be around next time).

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