Saturday, August 21, 2010

Complaint Free Activity

by: Anjo J Bacarisas

Complaining is one way of a person to release feelings that causes anxiety. When an individual has a resentment on something; complaining, I think, is the most automatic and easily done negative expression of how a person feels towards something.

Based on my record, I have done more or less 60 to 80 complaints in the entire duration of the activity. Although there are times that I was conscious that I am not supposed to make a complaint, but it seems like the urge to make one cannot be defied. In line to it, most of my complaints are automatic (can I consider it as part of my personality? Or behavior?).

On my observation, every time I throw a complaint, a negative thing always follows. For instance, I blab to my cousins about what they have done to my room. Although words that came out are not that relevant to the mess, but then I was overwhelmed by my emotions. As a result, they all go out of my room and I became isolated for a moment. See? Negative ang And I believe that complaining would result to something that is more undesirable than what you are complaining with. And you sure get to hurt other people’s feelings.

On the brighter side, a complaint is a way to show that you dislike, feel unease, mad, or uncontended of something. By then, the receiver of your complaint will have the idea of what you want and what you do not want. It is somehow normal since it is part of us as social animals.

On the contrary, there are a lot of ways to express your discontent, madness, and the like of it. In fact, I’ve learned from the activity that you have the power to control your MOUTH from complaining. So the paragraph above this is not a good excuse! And I was able to rationalize that if your goal is to bring change that is beneficial to you and the people around you, then complaining is not a good vehicle for such. (Change = for other people not to commit again those things that causes you to complain).

Also, from the activity, I was able to differentiate complaint from a feedback. I think that a complaint is somewhat involves emotions and unlikely feelings and is therefore destructive. Feedback on the other hand is a positive reaction and is constructive for any individuals. Therefore complaints are feedbacks; the only differences are the emotions that are attached to it and how it is delivered.

Lastly, complaining only elicits that you have an external locus of control. And although I’m not sure about this but most of the complaints that I’ve heard are geared towards blaming others in bringing in unlikely situations.

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