Sunday, August 15, 2010

Who the hell are they?

As opposed by many Filipino’s, same sex marriage is a crime against (what?) their religious belief. The entire populace is irrationally conservative in terms of understanding their doctrine. Although most of them are apt to inconsistency when it comes to their judgments; their canons – Bible texts that are bias; and lacks the decency of using science, is their last resort to defend their stand.

They believe that same sex marriage would cause a breakdown in our society. They say that both men cannot produce an offspring. True! But isn’t it a good solution for the perceived global problem – overpopulation? That wasn’t my best argument though. But let us say, for instance, a married couple for 20 f****** years. They have had sex thrice a week but they were not able to provide an offspring; should we part them? Obviously the answer is No. That is because they had promulgated their vows under God.

Rationalization - a defense mechanism by Dodong Freud. It is clear that they are not up to their standards. It is not about the offspring and their concern over society! If there is anyone out there who can provide me with biblical evidence stating that homosexuals are not allowed to make vows on their well-decorated churches, then I would give up my stand.

If their basis of not allowing same sex marriage is their concern for our society, then they have nothing to worry about. Note that we are entitled to decide for ourselves; that means that homosexuals may decide if they want to marry a woman and reproduce, or not. They may in fact stay with their man and suffer a death from their judgmental, angry, and discriminating stare.

So what are their other reasons? Immorality based on their hard bound King James bible.

I think there is nothing more immoral than imposing what you believed in to the entire population with the fact that not all of them believed in what you believe in. From that, you are emotionally battering people who wish to live a decent and independent life. Who the hell are they to judge people based on their doctrine?! Now tell me that GOD IS LOVE ‘coz obviously I can’t see love in their as a verb.

That is, perhaps an act of terrorism to the gay population. It is a massive scale of emotional torment enforced by the enforcers of the King James Bible.

Homosexuals are not hurting anyone when they requested for the church bells to ring. Note that they are taxpayers, believers, God-fearing individuals who wish to live a life free from stigmatism. And all of you (against same sex marriage) are hurting them every time you say NO--using church funding that doesn’t require auditing – and mobilize people on the streets to influence the ruling of the Supreme Court. Remember, we have our right to freely enjoy our liberty as long as it does not hurt others. And I am sure that all of you had violated what is in the constitution.

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