Monday, August 23, 2010

A Premature Hostility

The standoff between the policeman and the hostage taker ex-Police officer Rolando Mendoza, had displayed the capacity of our commando’s to address a hostage crisis. The situation lasted from more or less twelve hours – from 9:00AM to 9:00PM.

Also it is an acid test on the competency of our local police; to address those types of situations either through antagonistic approach, or through a peaceful negotiation.

In addition, the situation is tougher since it involves a well-trained police official who was demanding to be reinstated in the service. Also, the ex-Police was reportedly armed with an M16 rifle and a short service firearm.

Following the news, I was able to notice some lapses on the side of the Police. Although it is somehow subjective, it may cause others to ponder about the hostage situation. Even though I’ve turned on the television starting 7PM, I was able to have a picture of the whole story. And I believe that the situation could have been apprehended through a peaceful negotiation.

Studying the case, the hostage taker, I believe, was not insane. I stand that he was trying to make a scene to lobby his demands. The fact that earlier he released some of the hostages shows that killing and suicide is not his primary goal. Also, it elicits that he is just using the hostages to have a bargaining power.

Next, the scene about the brother of the hostage taker tends to aggravate the situation. The emotions involve somehow triggers insanity on Rolando’s side. Note that after seeing what the police did to his brother, assuming that the bus has a television, he threatened to kill some of the hostages; and so he did.

The presence of Rolando’s brother was a vital key to end the situation. Note that in a hostage situation, being the hostage taker, you know that you don’t stand a chance against the Police. And the best thing that you could have is a negotiation, or else, you kill and die.

Therefore, his brother who was also apprehended by the police could have been a vehicle for a negotiation. Note that there is a tight emotional connection between both of them; it is clear by the way on how the hostage taker reacted to what the police had done to his brother – he started the killing of the hostages.

Also, Rolando has a family that he could seek refuge on situations that he feels helpless; situations like him being a hostage taker. If dealt perfectly, his family is the most effective negotiator on the situation. And if he is not in his proper mind, maybe an over-the-phone counseling session might help.

Rolando do not want to die! But he is ready for it. If I am Rolando, why bother releasing those Chinese tourists if my point of detaining them is to kill myself, or get killed after killing them.

Lastly, the hostile approach is an incompatible solution to the situation. I think that they, the Police, used coercion too early. As a result, a bloody ending ended the life story of a Police official who is a victim an ill political system.

Note: Yes nalang mo ha. Hehehehe

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