Monday, August 16, 2010

Living Beyond Misfortune

“It is because I’m an extrovert”

“Although it’s poor but that is all that I’m capable of”

“The situation does not permit”

“It’s because I’m addicted to it”

“I can’t help it”

Denial, Lies, Alibies, and Justifications! These are the most common things that a person employs every time that what they believe was a misfortune get into their lives. They put the blame on the external factors; they believe that they have no control over their lives; they settle to a poor performance and say that: that is all that I can do. (They’re so external locus of control)

There are even some who blamed God on everything that is happening in their lives. That is because the scripture tells them that everything is according to God’s WILL! Well, they may have misunderstood what it really meant.

In addition, the use of alibies and the like is a submission to your limitations. It is like resolving yourself that you have no control over your decisions and all the things that is happening around you. From that orientation, the feeling of having no choice at all times, in the future, may “contaminate your cerebral fluids” with those ideas. Also, there is a great chance that you’ll develop inferiority when it comes to making decisions. Worst, you’ll be dependent on other people in making decisions for yourself.

To make everything grave, they QUIT! This would be anybody’s last resort when they think that everything seems to be out of control. Note that if QUITTING is your habit, then you’ll surely end up having nothing in the end. And when you realize that you have nothing, anxiety strikes. Well, let’s just hope that you could use that anxiety to advance, or seek for advancement – existential anxiety.

It is non-debatable that external factors do affect us. But again, it should not be controlling our lives. A person must take the responsibility over his decisions. Whatever the outcome is, an individual must have understood that his or her decision is the one that is behind what is happening. In other words, he must see that he is the captain of his ship.

From that, regardless of the outcome, an individual develops the understanding that he has a choice; that he has a freedom to choose; and that he is making his own way on what kind of life he wants to live in the future.

To cut it short, I really do not know how to cut this article short. Well, again it’s on how you want to make an ending on everything. It’s your life story that YOU (they?) are creating. Life is short, and so as this article.

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