Friday, August 27, 2010

Pinahiping Pagbati

Erupted unannounced
And once again, I am caught helpless

Delicate like a butterfly wing;
Lively as it seems
Trapped between boundaries after boundaries;
Like the gates of heaven and hell
Will I cross the line? Love to, but for now, no!
Do you want me to cross that line? And that I do not know.
In my fantasies you reside
Like heaven and earth collide
And when the clouds are gone
I see the sky so close like my sister
So clear like water
So gorgeous like the lady in the “Gone with the Wind” teaser
And yet, so far like a dream.
And like a shooting star
I am Wishing, Falling………, hoping that one day
I’ll have the guts to say I love you
followed by you saying, “YES”.

Like a sugar-free expresso
You remained intense
I never knew madness like this
I never knew love like this
Bitter and yet I call for another

But if you will break the doors of heaven
I will surely sing with the angels
I’ll pull the guitar strings for God creating a rock ‘n roll rhythm that would make us all, head-bang.
And if Angel Gabriel would kick us out and send us back to hell ‘coz you’re so hot and I sang out of tune;
I’ll tear down the gates of hell and lock myself with Lucifer so you wouldn’t have to.

Friend (or Insert name), if falling in love with you is a crime;
Then I plead myself guilty as charged.

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